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I am thrilled that my first book was published by Meyer & Meyer Sport in July 2022!


“Marathon Wisdom, An Elite Athlete’s Insights on Running and Life” is a collection of everything I learned from training and competing as an elite athlete. Distilled into 42.195 (the number of kilometres in a marathon) separate insights, my book explores all the elements that go into running a good marathon, from prioritising the basics in training, to delivering your best performance under pressure, and looking after yourself.


But I don’t spoon-feed readers with a training plan. My book encourages you to think critically, develop self-awareness and understand what helps you to improve. Many of my insights are relevant and applicable beyond running - to any major challenge you may be taking on. My book can be read from cover to cover or dipped in and out of as each insight is self-standing.   


I would love it if you bought my book – you can pre-order it at the links below. If you would like me to do a talk or coaching visit and bring signed copies of my book, please get in touch on the Contact page. 


Marathon Wisdom: An Elite Athlete's Insights on Running and Life: Yamauchi, Mara, Pavey, Jo: 9781782552451: Books

Marathon Wisdom: An Elite Athlete's Insights on Running and Life a book by Mara Yamauchi. (

Marathon Wisdom by Mara Yamauchi, Jo Pavey | Waterstones

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