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I am very grateful to ASICS, who supported me throughout my career as an elite athlete. 

I have worked with the following clients:
I am grateful to, and proud to be working with, the following organisations:

"Thank you so, so much for yesterday. It was perfect in every way. I’ve had lovely feedback from teachers, parents and the children. A wonderful message."

Joanna Wilson, Proprietor, St Martin's School, London on Mara's speech at Prize-Giving Day, July 2018

"Mara was quick to work out what to change about my training to fit around my work and travel. I've since been able to run consistently instead of the stop/start pattern I had fallen into due to illness and injury. Also, while I'll never be as fast as she is, I love running with her because my cadence improves and my pace notches up a few gears!"

– Cindy Godwin, World Marathons Six-Star Finisher, January 2018

"We were really impressed with Mara’s knowledge on a wide range of topics surrounding her career and long distance running. Her preparation and delivery made sure that our students came away inspired and prepared to step forward with their talents."

– Alice Page, Sports Co-ordinator, David Ross Education Trust, May 2017

"Mara was brilliant. She helped us to design a series of 'walk or run with an Olympian' sessions offered at an event we ran for 1,500 people (in Miami, Florida, June 2016). She was super-creative in the way she thought about how to help people new to sport as well as those who run regularly."

– Cathy Kelly, AlixPartners, June 2016

“Mara was great. I was really impressed with her whole approach and thought it was professional, friendly and highly informative. It was great that she came to the pub with us afterwards!”

– Participant in Mara’s coaching sessions for Japanese Running Club in London, March 2015

“An interesting and inspirational talk...Mara gave us all some good pointers with our training, including the importance of rest and recovery...very inspiring talk, it is so refreshing for an elite athlete to be honest and open about their training…found it really informative and enjoyable”.

– Participants at Mara’s talk to Ordnance Survey, November 2014

“We LOVED Mara!  What a star. She was so confident and articulate and did a great job of answering the questions. It was a real privilege to have her in the office.”

– Participant at Mara’s presentation to British Land Staff Meeting, January 2012


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